Clock Error Resolved; PS3s Returning to Normal

Reports are coming in that ‘fat’ model PS3s are returning to normal.

The system-crippling error that showed itself yesterday was traced back to an issue involving the PS3’s internal clock. While Slim PS3’s were not affected, the original model could not access the Playstation Network, play any games with trophies and all downloaded PSN titles reverted to ‘trial’ status. Also, if any game with trophies was loaded the trophy data would become corrupted. If this has occurred any trophies acquired but not synced with PSN may have been lost.

PS3 trophies are stored on the system’s memory until they are synced with Sony’s servers. This is accomplished by logging into the Playstation network and accessing you profile. Fellow gaming blog Joystiq seems to have discovered a way to retrieve some of the lost data.

If you lost any trophy data during the downtime, there may be a way to salvage it. Start the game for which you’re trying to restore trophies. This should create a trophy data set on your PS3, which you can sync with the server. OurHeavy Rain trophies had vanished, but this trick brought them back from the dead.

For further details head over to the official Playstation blog.

Source: Joystiq