StarCraft II Beta Keys Auctioning Off For Hundreds of Dollars

If you’re eager to play the StarCraft II beta but didn’t receive an exclusive invitation to participate, there’s still hope – as long as you have several hundred dollars to spare. Gamers are taking advantage of their Blizzcon beta keys to earn hundreds of dollars on eBay, and there are quite a few available to the highest bidder.

Currently, the beta keys are ranging in price from $46 – with 3 days 13 hours and 4 minutes remaining on the auction – to $400. While this may seem to be a great opportunity to gain access to the beta, keep in mind that there may be scammers selling false beta keys and that the several hundred dollars it costs to gain access to the beta could provide a big start in building your own, spankin’ new gaming PC or picking up an PlayStation 3 Slim or an Xbox 360 Elite system. Or, you know, even a 32″ HD TV. Just a few ideas for how to better spend your money. Because, after all, StarCraft II will be available to everyone eventually.

If you are interested in bidding on the beta keys, be sure to check out the minimum system requirements before you go ahead and discover that your computer can’t handle the game.

Geoff Calver

Founder and Editor-in-Chief. Game lover. XBL Gamertag: GeoffCalver

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