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Hey Buddy, You’ve Got Your Lost Vikings in My StarCraft II

StarCraft II’s minigame has been revealed, and it’s none other than Blizzard’s original game, The Lost Vikings, albeit with a new theme.

StarCraft II Launches Today

So if you haven’t heard, StarCraft II releases today. It only took 12 years, but the big game is here, finally, and you can just hear the weight of South Korea shifting as millions shuffle to gaming stores to begin

Blizzard Cancels Real ID Implementation on Battle.net Forums

The last few days have been, frankly, not good for Blizzard. Today, they canceled their newly-announced plans to implement Real ID on the Battle.net forums, a quick turnaround for the company.

“Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty” Zerg Rushes Retail July 27th

Highly anticipated sequel arrives July 27

StarCraft II Beta Available on Macs Today

It’s been a while in coming, but the StarCraft II beta is now available on Macs around the world. The multiplayer beta is ready to be downloaded via Battle.net if you have access to the closed beta. If you don’t