Hey Buddy, You’ve Got Your Lost Vikings in My StarCraft II

StarCraft II’s minigame has been revealed, and it’s none other than Blizzard’s original game, The Lost Vikings, albeit with a new theme.

The original The Lost Vikings released in 1992, just a little while ahead of WarCraft, and was a puzzle platformer. The new minigame, though, which can be found on Jim Raynor’s ship in the game, is a top-down shoot ‘em up. Vikings and shoot ‘em up? I like.

The existence of a minigame was revealed by Blizzard a while ago, but including a homage to the beginnings of the now-famous development company is an excellent way to tie in some extra entertainment for everyone enjoying their latest title.

Obviously figures haven’t been released yet for day one sales, but it can be expected that StarCraft II has been a HUGE hit. After all, fans waited with bated breath for 12 years between games. In fact, every long development time for a Blizzard title just seems to build up anticipation. How long has it been since Diablo II? Yeah, we can’t wait for Diablo III, either.

Check out the YouTube video of the minigame in action to see what you could be enjoying when you get tired of the RTS elements of StarCraft II. It’s like having two games in one! Deal sealer, right?