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Review – PSN Mini Marvin’s Maze

Need something to take your mind off things after a stressful day? Puzzles are perfect for that. Marvin’s Maze is similar in some ways to the Pac-man franchise. This arcade style, puzzle action-game was originally released by SNK in 1983

Review – PSN Mini Sasuke Vs. Commander

Another old school classic arcade game gets a mini remake. Should it have stayed in your memory bank, or is worth your twelve quarters? Read our review to find out.

Review – PSN Mini Guerilla War

Are you ready to go to war, old school style? Read our review to find out if this old school game can muster up enough fun to be worth your time and hard drive space..

Review – Invizimals

We get hands on with Invizimals, the augmented reality game for your PSP. Check out our review after the jump.

Review – Eyepet PSP

Move over Digimon and Tamagotchi, there’s a new virtual pet in town, and it goes way beyond what you two can do. Check out our review of Eyepet PSP after the jump.