Review – Eyepet PSP

Move over Digimon and Tamagotchi, there’s a new virtual pet in town, and it goes way beyond what you two can do. Check out our review of Eyepet PSP after the jump.

Virtual pets have been around for some time, but they have always lacked a true to life feel to them. Digimon and Tamagotchis were OK but they could only be played with on a keychain size LCD screen. They couldn’t appear to interact with a real world environment either. Their limitations weren’t really noticed though because they were new and fun and you were only 10 years old.

Enter Eyepet for the PSP. This generation of virtual pet goes way beyond anything that could have been done on a mini LCD screen. Add in the PSP camera, and your Eyepet can now bowl on your desk top. Not your PC desktop, but your actual desktop. Your Eyepet can play anywhere you place your little Eyepet Card, and your desktop is just the beginning. Inside the house, outside the house, in the car.

The Eyepet and His Magic Card

With the little card and your PSP camera, you’ll have several mini games to play that are designed to keep your furry little friend happy, healthy, and content with his virtual life. You can bowl, drive a car, jump on a trampoline, go sailing, fishing, or go on a treasure hunt. Going fishing has the added bonus of being able to add the fish to your Eyepet’s personal space. Playing these games will unlock items your pet can wear or play with, depending on how well you play the games.

If you are tired of playing out in the real world, you can always let your buddy go home. Youtr Eyepet has its own personal space called the Pet Home. Some of the mini games available outside are also available inside. All of the fish you catch in free play fishing can be found swimming around in your Pet Home’s aquarium, but the fishing minigame itself isn’t available. All of the items you’ve won in the minigames can be used in the styling area. You can feed your pet, change its clothes, color, fur styles. Everything you want to have a unique pet can be found here. The Pet Home is a great addition and adds hours of fun to an already fun game.

Virtual pets have really come a long way since the keychain pets of yesteryear, and if you really want your kids to get the full portable enjoyment out of one this generation, Eyepet PSP is the only way to go.