Review – PSN Mini Marvin’s Maze

Need something to take your mind off things after a stressful day? Puzzles are perfect for that. Marvin’s Maze is similar in some ways to the Pac-man franchise. This arcade style, puzzle action-game was originally released by SNK in 1983 and has now been re-released onto the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 system as a Mini title. Lean back and read our review to find out if it’s worth your time and money.



You are an alien (blue color) who must destroy the Robonoids (grey color aliens) and eat the entire dots scatter throughout the mazes. This game has a double maze, think of it as a two story building and at every level you’ll start at the bottom of the maze. This fun to play puzzle game with interesting maze layouts and cute characters comes with a price of $2.99 and a 2969 KB (or 2.9 MB) download size. The developers improved the controls, graphics, and sound.

There are two types of dots in this game, the small ones are for points and must be collected in order to advance in the game. The super dots have to be collected as well and they grant you a special power when eaten. You change into a red character that can fire a laser to kill the Robonoids. Once you reach the third round the Robonoids will be able to follow between the two level mazes, so be careful. The X button is to shoot the laser (one super dot = 1 laser shot, the more you collect the more shots you’ll get). The Triangle button is for coins (Continues). Saving and loading options are available, but you must have to do them manually.  The Select button is for the menu and pause feature.

If you are looking for a fun to play Mini title to play at home or on the go, this is a sure bet for you. It gets more challenging (mostly the AI get quicker at following you) as you advance just how a puzzle game should. You can never go wrong with a game that challenges both your reflexes and your ability to strategize.

Marvin’s Maze is a fun game that is well worth its low price. If you like old school games, make sure you get it.