Review – PSN Mini Sasuke Vs. Commander

Another old school classic arcade game gets a mini remake. Should it have stayed in your memory bank, or is worth your twelve quarters? Read our review to find out.

Sasuke Vs. Commander(サスケVSコマンダー), is a 1980’s classic “Gallery Shooter” arcade game with Ninjas, Magic, and eight stages of fun. One of the first games of that times to have bosses. But it wasn’t portrayed as a boss, more like a level that if you can be fast enough, you got bonus points, or according to the game a “Magical Bonus”. You play as Sasuke who was instructed by his master to protect his life from the Ninja. At the menu you can select one player,or you can activate Two player with the press of R1 ,also you can add lives by pressing the R1 button.

The controls are fairly simple, to move left, simply press the left button on the D-Pad. To move right, press the right button on the D-Pad, and to shoot press the X button. So its very simple, but you may think “oh this should be an easy game to play”, that’s where your wrong. It seems pretty easy at first but, think of this as Centipede, the more you progress through the levels, the faster the movements get. So while your shooting down the ninjas, you have to avoid the constant ninja stars that are being thrown and if that wasn’t bad enough, since they get faster as you progress, you also have to try and avoid the falling bodies from when you shoot the ninjas down.

You can change the lives that you posses in the options menu from 3,4, or 5 and set the bonus level from 5,000 pts to 10,000 pts. Basic game play is like this,you fight off the red ninjas,after you do that you have to endure the green ninjas which are faster and have larger numbers than the red ninjas. Following the initial waves of ninjas, here’s the boss, a fire shooting wizard! Exciting right? I think it is, for 2 reasons, 1 I love this game, and 2, I get bonus points for killing him,I mean come on who doesn’t love bonus points? Now this is my cup of tea.

Anyway, after you do that, then its the next wave of red ninjas, then green ninjas, and etc. I honestly think that since this is a game like Centipede, and I love Centipede , I can play the game for hours on end and not get bored, plus this game has Multiplayer. Can I get a Hell yeah?!

I would buy this game in a heart beat. This game is a fantastic Mini and worth the $2.99 in the PSN store ($2.39 for PlayStation Plus members). So if you love all those old Gallery Shooter games from back in the day like this and Centipede, then stop reading this and go buy Sasuke Vs. Commander right now and start kickin it old school.