Review – PSN Mini HAL 21

HAL 21 is now available as a Minis title on the PSN. Developed by SNK, this 1985 top down arcade shooter has finally made its way onto the PS3. But is it worth it? Get ready to lock-and-load and advance towards our review.

Your mission is to blast anything that comes your way, very similar to Galaga in some ways. It has a $2.99 price tag and a 2527 KB (2.5 MB) download size. The graphics are ok for Minis title and the controls have been tweaked and feel more responsive. X button to fire, and Circle is for bombs for the bunkers that are on the ground. Save and load are quick. The load option is fast and puts you where you last saved, this comes in very handy through out the game.

This game does starts on the Easy difficulty setting and gives you 3 lives. You probably should change the number of lives you get at the beginning from 3 to 5 since, this will add the possibility of you advancing more and having to use continues a bit less. On my hour or so playthrough on Easy I died many times and used around 42 continues. The game is still hardcore just like it was back in 1985. There is also local multiplayer up to 2 players. Have a buddy give you a hand to progress faster through the game.

If you are looking for a tough and challenging arcade shooter to make you revisit the skills needed back in the 80’s, this is a must have Minis game for you. If you’re the type of gamer that’s easily frustrated, then I suggest you stay away from this game, if you plan to live to see your grandchildren.