Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Buyers Getting Free Xbox LIVE Gold

Gamers who purchased Modern Warfare 2‘s “Stimulus Pack” on the first day of its release – you know, the day that was full of bugs, crashes and title update errors – are receiving a free week of Xbox LIVE Gold, courtesy of Microsoft, as a result of their bungled title update.

This comes on the heels of a recent offer in which gamers were offered free avatar night vision goggles over the weekend to also help compensate for the disastrous launch of five new maps (well, two of them are from Modern Warfare, so technically, 3 new maps) last week. Saying, “To thank you for your loyalty to Xbox LIVE and for buying the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus package on day 1, we will extend your Gold membership for 7 more days of adrenaline-pumping action with your friends on LIVE. Your account will be updated by May 1,” Microsoft made another peace offering while never really referencing the Title Update troubles that plagued Xbox LIVE on the day of the Stimulus package’s release.

The release immediately ran into trouble when gamers couldn’t load the new maps. Then, the matchmaking failed once the maps were fixed. Finally, Microsoft revealed that the problem was a faulty title update that wasn’t properly uploaded to their servers. As a result, gamers across Xbox LIVE found themselves unable to create new Xbox LIVE accounts, manage accounts, buy downloadable items or purchase transactions using Games for Windows LIVE, among other issues.

Luckily, the update was finally implemented properly and things were fixed, but not before many gamers were disgruntled. Hopefully the free night vision goggles for people’s avatars and the free week of Xbox LIVE Gold helps some gamers feel a bit better about everything. But we’re guessing most are still bitter they spent $15 on a product that they couldn’t even play immediately.

Source: Kotaku

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