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You’ve Got Modern Warfare 2 In Your Family Guy

Peter Griffin has been called lots of things. “Lousy stinkin’ drunk,” “fatass,” and “handsome gentleman,” all come immediately to mind, but in the last episode of Family Guy, which aired last night, Peter was roundly humiliated in a game of

Activision: Modern Warfare 3 Being Held Hostage

Perhaps borrowing a phrase that’s frequently been used over the past few weeks by the gaming press to describe the currently rumored situation at Infinity Ward in which employees have made claims that they have been “held hostage” by Activision’s

Steam Users Getting Free Weekend of Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Today, via a press release, Valve revealed that PC gamers will have the opportunity to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for free this weekend during a special promotion on Steam.

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Buyers Getting Free Xbox LIVE Gold

Gamers who purchased Modern Warfare 2‘s “Stimulus Pack” on the first day of its release – you know, the day that was full of bugs, crashes and title update errors – are receiving a free week of Xbox LIVE Gold,