You’ve Got Modern Warfare 2 In Your Family Guy

Peter Griffin has been called lots of things. “Lousy stinkin’ drunk,” “fatass,” and “handsome gentleman,” all come immediately to mind, but in the last episode of Family Guy, which aired last night, Peter was roundly humiliated in a game of Modern Warfare 2 online.

Featuring Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling of Infinity Ward, the clip, which can be seen below, shows Peter getting the hang of Modern Warfare 2 in his living room. Getting told to “hide somewhere” he accidentally tosses a grenade into a car instead, killing all of his teammates. The hilarious clip lampoons on the seriousness with which some of the Modern Warfare 2 community takes the game and also is simply a hilarious cameo for Infinity Ward.

Check it out below, and if you’re at work, keep the laughing to a minimum. I’m pretty sure Family Guy isn’t allowed in most offices.