Jason West and Vince Zampella Form Respawn Entertainment

Respawn. The word brings to mind multiplayer shooters such as Halo, Quake III: Arena and Unreal Tournament. It should also bring to mind another franchise, Modern Warfare. Jason West and Vince Zampella, the recently fired co-founders of Infinity Ward, have created a new studio with funding from EA. Appropriately named Respawn Entertainment, West and Zampella’s new studio is hiring and while they have yet to come up with a new game idea, they did laugh when Kotaku suggested that they should create an RTS game. So, no Modern Warfare: Civilizations game or, you know, something equivalent.

While the two have yet to decide what, exactly, they will be making, it almost certainly will be a first person shooter and should add to EA’s already exciting lineup of titles and franchises ranging from Battlefield to Medal of Honor (which, interestingly, West and Zampella left to form Infinity Ward) to Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Activision’s response to the news was pretty much exactly as expected – they weren’t surprised and used it as ammunition in their battle, saying, “This agreement comes as no surprise to Activision given the myriad of improper activities detailed in the cross-complaint filed on Friday against Jason West and Vince Zampella. We look forward to continuing to work with Infinity Ward’s deep bench of proven talent on exciting new projects.”

Unfortunately for Activision two more senior Infinity Ward employees have left the studio after Todd Alderman, Lead Designer, and Francesco Gigliotti, Lead Software Engineer quit last week. Veteran programmer Jon Shiring and designer Mackey McCandlish have left the studio today in the wake of the announcement that Respawn Entertainment has been formed.

It seems likely that much of the staff making up Respawn Entertainment will come from Infinity Ward, and we will see, in the next few weeks whether a mass exodus takes place at the studio, which would affirm Activision’s worst fears as the team behind Modern Warfare departs to work on a new project with their competitor, EA.

West and Zampella were given $4 million to start the new studio and will be searching for a location to base the studio and begin work on a new project. Their website can be viewed (and we suppose, job applications can be sent in, as well) at Respawn.com.