Rockstar Begins Major Red Dead Redemption Ad Campaign

According to MCV, Rockstar says it’s spending more money than ever from its pre-launch TV budget to push Red Dead Redemption, its ambitious Western set to be released on May 18 in North America.

MCV, a UK-based site, spoke with Rockstar’s General Manager Neil Stephen who said that the game is “our most ambitious game to date and our biggest UK release this year.” Those are big words coming from Rockstar. After all, these are the same people who brought us the Grand Theft Auto series. Remember the first time you picked up GTA III and witnessed and fully-realized city in 3D? Suddenly, exploring a city and wreaking havoc went from being a 2D, top-down experience to a game in which you walked around through distinct neighborhoods and took your car across the bridge and into downtown Liberty City.

In our time spent with Red Dead Redemption at PAX East we were able to see a world that holds a ton of promise. It is a world that is huge, beautifully detailed, and rich with characters to meet and missions to tackle.

In addition to running numerous TV spots, Neil Stephen also announced that Rockstar will be pushing cinema ads because Red Dead Redemption‘s “cinematic nature…makes it a perfect fit” for movie screens. “We will be executing a nationwide ad campaign targeting the audiences of Robin Hood, Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia.”

Red Dead Redemption has all the makings of a massive hit. It has a development with a stunning pedigree behind it in Rockstar San Diego, a massive, open setting using Rockstar’s beautiful RAGE Engine, and a compelling story set in a world that isn’t often explored in games. Red Dead Redemption will be arriving May 18, but expect to see a full ad blitz long before it arrives on store shelves.

Source: MCV