Deal Alert: Buy Mass Effect 2 for $50 get Mass Effect 1 Free

Amazon has what might be the best deal in the traverse today. Buy Bioware’s newest space-epic, and Terminal Gamer favorite Mass Effect 2 and recieve the original adventure for the low, low price of nothing.

Clocking in at around 27 hours to see and do everything, Mass Effect will give you an amazing dollar-spent to time-played ratio of infinity. Throw in Mass Effect 2 and its lengthy 35 hour adventure and you’ve got some kind of ratio that, as a journalist, I won’t try to comprehend.

If the two games at a great price don’t entice you completely, don’t forget that every new copy of Mass Effect 2 comes with three free DLC packs, bringing the total savings even higher.

There’s really no excuse to not have these two games if you own an Xbox 360, so what are you waiting for? Heck, you’re even going to get free super-saver shipping. Go already!