Metroid: Other M Was Going To Be A Rail Shooter

Metroid: Other M was originally planned to be a rail shooter according to Yoshio Sakamoto, Metroid co-creator and WarioWare producer.

“I thought Samus should move along a set path,” Sakamoto revealed during his GDC 2010 talk “That’s right. Samus would be moving along a rail, as long as the camera angle was capable of keeping up with the action.”

But Team Ninja, the co-developer behind Metroid: Other M changed Sakamoto’s mind. “They proposed a full 3d map, where Samus could move to other points with the control pad. It was perfect.”

Metroid: Other M will be arriving this June for the Wii, at which point we’ll have a chance to play it sans rail shooting sequences.

Source: Kotaku