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Battlefield 4 Revealed at GDC in Serious Fashion: Our First Impressions

  The lights go down. Battlefield 4 goes up! Hello GDC 2013. Hello Metreon Theater.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Sets Sails For a New Release Date on Consoles

 PC Gamers still get to climb onboard in April, but console gamers will have to wait to loot some booty. Details after the jump.

Risen 2: Dark Waters & Treasure Isle DLC – Hands on at GDC Preview

Piranha Bytes’ Risen 2: Dark Waters promises to take us on a journey through the life and times of a pirate, all wrapped up in a sword and musket filled RPG. Deep Silver let us go hands-on with the game

Registration for GDC Europe 2011 is Now Open

Registration for GDC Europe 2011 is now open! Don’t miss your chance to attend the largest professionals-only game industry event in Europe. More details after the jump.

Eidos Montreal: Deus Ex 3 Not Trying to Be Super-Photorealistic

Yesterday, Eidos Montreal’s Art Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete discussed Deus Ex 3 at GDC 2010 and said that fans shouldn’t go into Deus Ex 3 expecting a photorealistic game.