Battlefield 4 Revealed at GDC in Serious Fashion: Our First Impressions



The lights go down. Battlefield 4 goes up!

Hello GDC 2013. Hello Metreon Theater.


If you want to reveal a game in the most impressive way possible, why not do it in a big way? Battlefield 4, on a huge theater screen, in all it’s blood and glory, running on a high end PC, couldn’t look better.

The scene opens with our group of guys trapped in a sinking car. One man pinned down with no way out, while the others frantically try to free him. Their only option is to shoot the windshield before they sink to an unfathomable depth, but to do so would sentence their trapped friend to certain death. Is it better to chew off the leg of the wolf in order to save the them all? Is it better for one to die so others can live to fight another day? This is the prologue and this is Battlefield 4.

Dice returns to their time jumping scenario and reverses the clock to let you know how our group got to that pivotal moment. Jumping back in time, and jumping back through a series of firefights, shows us the grittiness and lack of glamor that is our worldly battlefield. This is a game that not only looks incredible on the big screen, but plays flawlessly through battles that go from ground based to aerial. battles that take you from the streets surrounding your “safe” house, to the fields surrounded by bad guys with nothing but bad intent. Your death is their only wish, and the intel you’ve captured needs to be protected and delivered at all costs.

Buildings crumble, silos come crashing down, and another choice is placed before you. Do you saw off your mates leg and help him to escape, or do you let him burn and perish because you don’t have the balls to make the tough choices? This is your world and this is your decision. Take your knife and do what you have to do to survive. Limbs can be replaced with prosthetics, but true mates are irreplaceable.

The humanity of the next Battlefield installment is thrown right into your face, and there is no pause to take a breath. The sights and sounds will take your breath away. Turn up the bass and turn up the volume. Let the explosions encompass you and shake your gaming theater to pieces.

The opening prologue will take you from the frying pan and toss you carelessly into the fire. DICE wants to grab you by the throat from the opening scene and they don’t want to let go until the ride is over. Gritty. Hard. Relentless.

Welcome to Battlefield 4.