Eidos Montreal: Deus Ex 3 Not Trying to Be Super-Photorealistic

Yesterday, Eidos Montreal’s Art Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete discussed Deus Ex 3 at GDC 2010 and said that fans shouldn’t go into Deus Ex 3 expecting a photorealistic game.

“We’re not trying to make it super-photorealistic,” he said. “It’s more about making it credible, not like making it a simulation. Games that have realistic characters, you talk to them and they might stand in front of some low-fi poly.

“Let’s try to illustrate the world instead of trying to simulate it and make it more even through the world.”

According to Jacuqes-Belletete, the third game in the series will attempt to combine the first title’s steampunk setting with hints of the Renaissance. Doing so, however, hasn’t been an easy task for the development team. “We tried a lot of things and it just didn’t work. I’m not kidding, we really had friction on the team because of that, because of that vision.”

In addition to discussing Deus Ex 3, a new trailer was released for the game as well, although don’t expect many hints from it. Regardless, the trailer (and a screen gallery!) can be seen below and expect to hear more about Deus Ex 3 at E3 in June. Deus Ex 3 will be arriving on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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