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Sony Says Passing on Demon’s Souls Was a Mistake

Demon’s Souls was a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but it wasn’t published by Sony in America despite being published by Sony in Japan, a decision that Sony calls a “mistake.”

Eidos Montreal: Deus Ex 3 Not Trying to Be Super-Photorealistic

Yesterday, Eidos Montreal’s Art Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete discussed Deus Ex 3 at GDC 2010 and said that fans shouldn’t go into Deus Ex 3 expecting a photorealistic game.

Metroid: Other M Was Going To Be A Rail Shooter

Metroid: Other M was originally planned to be a rail shooter according to Yoshio Sakamoto, Metroid co-creator and WarioWare producer.

Fable III: Featuring John Cleese as Your Butler

John Cleese: now an integral part of your pause menu experience