Playstation Move: Official Name of Sony’s Motion Controller

Sony’s Game Developer’s Conference event is underway and they’ve already announced the official name of their new motion controller. Long rumored to be named ‘Arc’ the peripheral is actually named ‘Playstation Move,’ the name the fine folks here at Terminal Gamer reported Sony had trademarked yesterday.

In addition to the controller we’ve already seen, the Move will support a second controller similar to Nintendo’s nunchuck. This second part, the “sub-controller”, features an analog stick and several face buttons. It will be possible for a single gamer to use more than one of the Move controllers at a time and they will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Sony promises that the response time for the device will be just as short as that of the Dualshock 3 controllers. We’ll have more details to come regarding game line-up as the conference continues into the night.

A special thanks to Kotaku for the live-blog information.

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