PlayStation Move Games Announced

While Sony hasn’t let all the cats out of the bag yet, tonight the European PlayStation Blog provided us with a pretty significant chunk of motion-controlled-gaming-goodness. The unveiling earlier tonight of the PlayStation Move came as no surprise (although the name was up for debate until the eleventh hour), but the plethora of games that will be unleashing with PlayStation Move support is pretty impressive.

The blog post states that, “Our launch games are designed to appeal to all PlayStation 3 fans.” Sony clearly intends to make the Move not only a casual gaming device, but something that can be used in more serious gaming experiences as well. For instance, the recently-announced SOCOM 4 will feature Move support, as will LittleBigPlanet, and yesterday EA Sports announced that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will also support the device. In addition, the Sony Blog revealed Dukes, a graphically-pleasing fighting game game, Move Party (as the title indicates, a party game), Sports Champions (which features, according to screens, archery, table tennis and gladiator fights?) and TV Superstars (in which you can compete in five different TV game shows).

There are a few other already-announced titles as well, and while not all of them look invigoratingly awesome, there are enough dandy-looking titles to pique my interest and get my pulse racing.

A full list of the revealed PlayStation Move-compatible titles:

  • SOCOM 4
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • EyePet
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
  • Slider
  • Move Party
  • Sports Champions
  • Dukes
  • TV Superstars
  • The Shoot

Check out a full gallery of screens below and look for more info from Sony’s GDC Conference as it becomes available.

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