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Resident Evil: Revelations Debut Trailer Released (3DS)

In yet another announcement for huge developers and publishers giving us games for Nintendo's 3DS Capcom has joined in with a new Resident Evil game; Resident Evil: Revelations. There's not much to say about the trailer as it only shows

Random House to Write Video Game Stories

The world is no stranger to books inspired by games, with the Halo, Magic: The Gathering, and Resident Evil all having had novelizations published over the last few years, just to name a few. However, it’s a rare day indeed

Lost Planet 2 To Support Co-Op

Capcom announced yesterday that Lost Planet 2 will support split screen co-op. The local co-op is being done by the same Capcom team that brought split screen to Resident Evil 5, and gives gamers the chance to, “join the battle

Resident Evil 4 Coming to iPhone

Capcom, maker of such games as Megaman and Devil May Cry, announced yesterday that they plan to release Resident Evil 4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In their press release they said: “Zombie fans that like their undead experiences

Resident Evil 5 Comes To Games on Demand

Microsoft announced today that Resident Evil 5 and Beautiful Katamari are now ready for download via their Games on Demand service. The service allows gamers to download, from their comfort of their home, full Xbox 360 titles onto their hard