Lost Planet 2 To Support Co-Op

Capcom announced yesterday that Lost Planet 2 will support split screen co-op. The local co-op is being done by the same Capcom team that brought split screen to Resident Evil 5, and gives gamers the chance to, “join the battle for control of the precious thermal energy on E.D.N III alongside a friend from the same living room.”

Capcom also announced that Wesker, the main antagonist of the Resident Evil franchise, will no longer be a pre-order bonus but is now a playable character in every game. Wesker marks the third playable character from another franchise to be used in Lost Planet 2; the other two being Marcus and Cole from the Gears of War series. Instead, the makers of Megaman are giving the following two extra multiplayer levels when you pre-order at Gamestop:


The underwater NEVEC mining facility houses several layers and twisted corridors. Swim between the layers, or dive to the bottom to change your point of attack. Aqua Catapults can launch you to the upper levels in a hurry, and you must learn every corner and get the upper hand on your enemies.

Back to the Island

The shady atoll of Island 902 is broken into wide open spaces and compact interiors. Choose your battlefield from the beaches to the battered carrier, or explore a new dimension in the underwater battle. Control the bridge to dominate the map, but beware attacks from all sides.

Sounds like a good trade off to me. One skin and a magnum for two levels to run amok in. Look forward to Lost Planet 2 on the PS3 and 360 this May 18th.

Eric Surrell

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