God Of War III Demo – Lands on PS3 Europe

For those members across the sea (or those with a European login) you’ll find that the much anticipated game God of War III is available for download according to the European PlayStation Blog.

While I haven’t had the chance to play it firsthand (2671MB and currently downloading) some of the buzz surrounding reports on the Euro PlayStation blog is that the demo is a near direct correlation from E3 2009.  Those awaiting a demo in the States may be stuck sitting around in anticipation. There is no indication of a similar demo on the US blog, and after checking the store not too long ago, I can confirm that it’s not there. If it does happen to be the demo from the God of War collection released in September of last year, you may not be missing anything new. However, keep your eyes glued to the PlayStation store over the next week, and hopefully our favorite anti-hero will make an appearance soon.