Capcom Does Some “Lid Blowing” on Monster Hunter Tri

Today Capcom USA released all of the goodies on its much-anticipated creature-killing game Monster Hunter Tri. The Monster Hunter series is loved the world over with scores ranging from 68-81 on Metacritic. Here is Capcom’s reveal all on the upcoming fanasty game:

  • April 20th, 2010 release date.
  • Comes in a bundle with a black Classic Controler Pro for 59.99 or by itself for 49.99.
  • Gamers now have options for developing tactics and strategies either by text based chat or Wii Speak™, Nintendo’s hands free microphone.
  • The new online component does not use Nintendo ‘s Friend-code system. Instead Capcom and Nintendo developed an online multiplayer component that is more open and allows players to play with friends and strangers alike.
  • Reserving the game at Gamestop gives players access to a demo of Monster Hunter Tri (this offer begins after March 8th), and a spiffy limited edition 500-point Wii/ DSi Points card at the time of pickup.
  • In addition to all of this, Capcom announced its plans for a viral video heavy campaign with a series of viral videos focused on “true hunters” as the doors on the Monster Hunter Tri website officially open. These videos focus on Ironbeard McCullough, a master hunter in the Monster Hunter world, and give a deeper insight into the game’s universe.

Capcom also announced in their press release, “Monster Hunter Tri is one of the most strikingly beautiful titles developed for theWii. Monster Hunter Tri depicts a living, breathing ecosystem where man co-exists with the fantastic beasts that roam both the dry land and the brand new sub-aqua environment – a first for the series. Offering the player varied control configurations to suit their style of play, players can choose between the Classic Controller Pro™, Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™, or Classic Controller™ to slay the majestic beasts that inhabit the world.”

Look forward to the game on April 20th, 2010.