Resident Evil 4 Coming to iPhone

Capcom, maker of such games as Megaman and Devil May Cry, announced yesterday that they plan to release Resident Evil 4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In their press release they said:

“Zombie fans that like their undead experiences serialized can now pick up the highly acclaimed Resident Evil 4 for iPhone and iPhone Touch as smaller more digestible bite sized bits. Dubbed Resident Evil 4: For Beginners, the game contains the first two chapters of Resident Evil 4 for iPhone as well as a new tutorial level. Additionally, the game offers a new ‘Beginner’ difficulty setting, one new ‘shooting gallery’ mini game and three mercenary missions. Players will be able to download the remaining Resident Evil 4 chapters as DLC if they wish to continue the journey. Customers that have already purchased the full game will receive the added features in a free update.

Later on, Capcom said the game would contain context touch-based commands, location damage on enemies, and one-button commands for actions like using binoculars, jumping out of windows, and climbing ladders.

Resident Evil 4: For Beginners is available now in the Apple App Store for ninety-nine cents.