Yakuza 3 Demo Available For Euro Gamers Via PSN

Sony Europe has put the demo of Yakuza 3 on the European Playstation network. Yakuza 3 follows the story of its series-long hero, Kazuma Kiryu, as he travels from the depraved streets we know so well and to the Ryukyu Islands to help run the Morning Glory Orphanage. All is not well here as the Orphanage has both Yakuza Bosses and the Japanese government trying turn the area into a beach resort. Kiryu must make some tough decisions and fight to protect those he loves.

Yakuza 3, which has been available for some time in Japan, has received an 83% average on Metacritic with an 8.2 average from users. The Yakuza series in general has built a name for itself with gritty and violent action that features emotional story telling and deep narration. Look forward to seeing the release of Yakuza 3 on the PS3 exclusively sometime in March.

For those us Stateside who want to get their hands on the demo, we can either tough it out or make a European Account. There’s a pretty good chance that we’ll see a demo release stateside in the coming weeks though, so hold on with the false British.