Civilization V Coming to PCs This Fall

Fans of global politics and world domination rejoice; today 2K Games announced that this Fall Sid Meier will return to PCs with Civilization V. Developed by Firaxis, the game will feature a brand new engine and introduces hexagon-based maps. Fans of the popular board game (and Xbox Live Arcade and PSN release) Settler’s of Catan will be familiar with the new set up. Other features include:

  • A brand-new battle system
  • Fully animated leaders
  • An online hub for accessing player-created content and launching multiplayer matches
The Civilization franchise began in 1991 and for the past nineteen years has been allowing players to rule various nations through turn-based strategy. The most recent entry in the main series was released in 2007 and a console spin-off, Civilization Revolution was released in 2008. Terminal Gamer will have more details about the latest entry as they are made available.