RPG Allows Players To Become King of Bums

A browser-based homeless simulation that was released in Europe last year is coming to the United States and is certain to stir up controversy. The game, Bumrise, challenges players to rise to become the “king of the bums” by pickpocketing people, attacking bums and stealing from vending machines. In addition, players can raise funds by learning to play instruments or adopting pets to receive sympathy money.

The game’s goal is to rise out of homelessness and get a swanky apartment on the Upper East Side, as the game’s U.S. version will be set on the streets of New York. The European versions, which raised an uproar last summer, were based in Paris and Hamburg, respectively based upon the French or German versions of the browser game.

The RPG debuted yesterday and the developer, Farbflut (yeah, we know, ridiculous) claims that while the game “holds many cliches and stereotypes, it is set upon a satirical and exaggerated context.” In addition, the developer claims that a portion of their revenues will be donated to organizations that help homeless people, saying, “with help from our users, we assist the homeless people in Hamburg, and soon New York, with a portion of our revenues, thus bringing attention to their situation.”

As for helping Paris’ homeless? Non.

Source: Kotaku