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Review – PSN Mini Vanguard II

Not too long ago we reviewed a PlayStation Minis title Vanguard. We gave it a solid 7/10 score, on the September 6th PSN store update its sequel was added.  Vanguard II was originally released in 1984, three years after the

Review – PSN Mini One Epic Game

One Epic Game has recently released on the PSN for your PS3 and your PSP. Is it really epic, or is it just an epic fail? Read our review to find out.  

Ubisoft Supporting PlayStation Vita With Six Titles

UBISOFT® REVEALS ITS SUPPORT FOR PLAYSTATION VITA  WITH SIX TITLES. More details plus screenshots, after the jump.

Beatshapers and Phil Hassey Proudly Presents Galcon Labs

GamesCon 2011: Beatshapers and Phil Hassey proudly presents Galcon Labs coming to PlayStation minis platform. More details, with screenshots and video, after the jump.

Review – PSN Mini Sasuke Vs. Commander

Another old school classic arcade game gets a mini remake. Should it have stayed in your memory bank, or is worth your twelve quarters? Read our review to find out.