Review – PSN Mini Vanguard II

Not too long ago we reviewed a PlayStation Minis title Vanguard. We gave it a solid 7/10 score, on the September 6th PSN store update its sequel was added.  Vanguard II was originally released in 1984, three years after the first Vanguard was releaed. Can the sequel live up to the hopes of 80’s gamers and today’s gamers?  Read our review to find out.


Vanguard II is no longer a side scroller shoot ‘em up game, instead it was turn into an over-the-top shooter with 8-way analog stick movement. Graphics and animations did get a new coat of paint which makes the buildings and enemies very easy to identify. Checkpoints are no longer available in the sequel. For some strange reason the developers didn’t put them in the game. Luckily you can save and load manually at any time by using the menu. The menu can be accessed by pressing the Select button. To fire press the X button. For the missiles press the Circle button, and for Coins (Continues) press the Triangle button. Even on the easy difficulty setting the game does not go easy on you. You’ll get blasted many times.

Vanguard II comes with a 2282 KB (2.2 MB) download size and a price tag of $2.99 for members without PlayStation Plus, and $2.39 if you have PlayStation Plus.

For being a sequel you would think this would be an improved game. Unfortunately you will be disappointed. You aren’t missing much, but if you have played the original back in the 80’s and you want it then by all means get it.