Review – PSN Mini One Epic Game

One Epic Game has recently released on the PSN for your PS3 and your PSP. Is it really epic, or is it just an epic fail? Read our review to find out.



One Epic Game is a perpetual motion action game full of Zombies , Aliens, Nuclear waste, and variety of guns to fight your way through each epic level, Who wouldn’t like this?

Alpha Dog (the main character), a typical muscle action hero, needs to stop an evil alien from taking over the planet. Alpha Dog making a reference to the fact that he hopes there’s some DLC coming, and when zombies appear he gets a bit upset and asks why can’t there be an action game without zombies in it.

There are 3 modes you can play from:

  • Story Mode: Continuously run, jump , and shoot your way through each level to complete the objectives that are given to you by the evil boss. Anything from Killing a certain amount of enemies, to trying not to kill any enemies and get to certain distance to finish the level and get the next objective.
  • Free Run: See how far you can get while trying to get awards for the Hall of Fame.
  • Challenge Mode: Complete the challenges  all from, earning a set number of points,maybe not being able to kill anyone, or killing only the selected target.


One Epic Game has over 30 awards to unlock,5 worlds to play such as Alien Invasion, Wasteland, Fantasy, etc. Plus pretty good graphics and a kick ass soundtrack to get you pumped while you play.

Playing this particular mini is a very enjoyable game that I’ve played over and over again. I would recommend this to all of my friends (that has a PS3 or PSP of course). One Epic Game has a lot of Zombie/Alien killing and great humor that provides constant fun. You can go buy this mini right now from the PlayStation Store for the a great price of $3.99 (Totally worth it) and if your a PlayStation Plus member you can get it for the amazing price of $2.00 (Awesome).

One Epic Game really is one epic win.

Go Get it!