Red Robot Labs Reveals Life Is Crime – New Location-Based MMORPG Game for Android Phones

A Highly Stylized Mobile Game Features Real Places, Simulates Virtual Crime Sprees. More details after the jump.


Red Robot Labs, a new mobile gaming enterprise founded by Mike Ouye and Pete Hawley, former executives at Playdom, EA and SCEE, with investors Rick Thompson and Chamath Palihapitiya, unveil their inaugural game today – Life Is Crime.

Life Is Crime is a first-of-its-kind, location-based, massive multiplayer online mobile game for the Android platform (Fall for iOS).  Players compete and collaborate to dominate real places and ascend leader boards while building their “reputations” in order to drive their criminal careers forward.  When a player arrives at a location, they have the option to commit a crime, sell and buy contraband and fight other players for control of that place.  Locations range from a local restaurant, to a corporate owned Starbucks, to an international airport: Life Is Crime will transform everyday places into contested criminal territory.
“People know how to use social utilities to tell others where they are.  Life Is Crime aims to be a true social experience where people can play the game throughout their daily routines while communicating with other users.  We provide players great location-based gameplay where they can discover new areas and people through in-game goals and rewards,” said Mike Ouye, CEO and Co-Founder of Red Robot.

Lead investor Rick Thompson, co-founder of Playdom believes: “The proliferation of smartphones is the most exciting opportunity in gaming today – always on, location aware and socially connected.  Red Robot Labs is among the first to tap into the full potential of this new platform; and they have nailed it with Life Is Crime.  This will become the standard by which others are judged.”

Life Is Crime ground-breaking product features include:

  • Rich Map Rendering, Persistent Game World – The game map is central to the game play, providing participants a rich, visual representation of the virtual world.  Map locations will grow over time through player interaction; map persistence will allow players and places to become epic.
  • Category-based Missions Life Is Crime missions take place at every day locations – coffee shops, banks, gas stations – matched to location-centric crimes, virtually enabling players to complete a “bank robbing” mission at any bank, in any town, at any time.
  • Contraband: Geo Virtual Goods — The distribution and trading of virtual goods is another central mechanic in the game.  Players can pick-up and drop off virtual contraband at real locations and profit from it.  This allows a local-social gameplay as players work with each other for shared profits at the places they visit.
  • Location-based GameFeed + Player Discovery – The GameFeed news feature, allows players to see gameplay and gamers at locations around them. The GameFeed also enables players to share achievements, goals, and gameplay moments with others.
  • R2 Gaming Network –The R2 Network permits the discovery of other friends and gamers within Life Is Crime.  Players can send in-game invites and build a friends list that is linked to a proprietary gifting and notification platform.  The R2 Network also features push notifications and deep integration with social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • Free2playLife Is Crime is free to play with the option of purchasing virtual currency, goods and consumables.  More than 160 virtual goods that drive avatar customization and player stats are available.   Payments are made through a centralized and secure payment system via Google Checkout.

Are you ready to start living the life of crime?  Life Is Crime is available today for the Android platform and this Fall on iOS.  The application can be downloaded at:

For more information visit:  or follow us on Twitter: @LifeisCrime.