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Kill3rCombo Releases New Screenshots and Kick-ass Art work for Fighters Club

Publisher shows off Latest Multiplayer Online Game Full details, plus screenshots and art work, after the jump.

League of Legends Community Surpasses 11 Million Active Players

League of Legends Community More than Doubles in Just Four Months, Surpassing 11 Million Active Players as Riot Games Prepares to Kick Off Season Two. Full details, plus new screenshots, after the jump.

Aeria Games Releases Free-to-play Golden Age Online

Leading Free-to-play Online Multiplayer Publisher Brings a New Class of Strategy and Roleplaying Game to Player Browsers. More details after the jump.  

NEVERDIE Studios & Universal Pictures Launch Massively Multiplayer Game Based on Upcoming Thriller The Thing

NEVERDIE Studios and Universal Partnerships & Licensing Launch the First-Ever Massively Multiplayer Game Based on Universal Pictures’ Upcoming Thriller The Thing. More details, plus screenshots and movie stills, after the jump.

Gamania Game Show Kicks Off Today in Taipei

Showcasing Four Self-developed Games and a Wealth of Digital Entertainment Products. More details after the jump.