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Ubisoft is Setting the Bar for Next Gen Gaming

With the arrival of the PS4 on November 15th, next gen gaming will officially hit the market. Between now and then, we will be taking a look at several different third party and first party developers who are working hard

GaymerCon Receives Support From Electronic Arts

Gaming’s biggest third party publisher becomes first company to announce involvement.

GaymerCon Receives Support from Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade and Other Industry Leaders

Industry support for Gaymercon rises.

Gaymercon Reaches Initial Fundraising Goal in Less than Four Days

  Gaymercon has raised over $25,000 and set sights on higher stretch goals

GaymerCon Set For The First Ever Gaming Convention for the LGBT Community

GaymerCon, the first ever gaming convention for the LGBT community, is set to take place August 3-4, 2013 in San Francisco, with fundraising efforts for the event beginning with a virtual launch event and Kickstarter. Details after the jump.