GaymerCon Set For The First Ever Gaming Convention for the LGBT Community

GaymerCon, the first ever gaming convention for the LGBT community, is set to take place August 3-4, 2013 in San Francisco, with fundraising efforts for the event beginning with a virtual launch event and Kickstarter.

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Organizers aim to create an inclusive space for under-represented groups in gaming culture and educate and inform the gaming community of the presence of sexuality in digital lives while promoting acceptance and social change through gaming.

“The goal of GaymerCon is to create a space where geek identified LGBT people can come together and build community” said Benjamin Williams, Director of PR for the Con. “With the growing amount of queer content in video game titles and the reaction to that content, as well as the larger discussion of gay rights in our culture, GaymerCon is more important and relevant than ever.”

Tonight, GaymerCon will launch their Kickstarter through a Facebook launch Party  at 6PM PST/9 PM EST using Shaker, a virtual world social app that recently won TechCrunch Disrupt and raised over $20M. The launch party will feature tech and geek celebrities like Zach Weiner (SMBC Comics), Alex Peake (Primer Labs/Code Hero) and more. Unveiled at the party will be videos from other geek celebrities including Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS from the Portal game series, voicing their support for the project, as well as an official Kickstarter video created by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Theater. You can find the party at

GaymerCon has set its fundraising goal at $25,000 to make GaymerCon an event not to be missed on August 3 & 4, 2013 in San Francisco, California. The funds from the Kickstarter are intended to secure a downtown SF venue for the event to be hosted and offer more programming to meet demand. The more money raised, the bigger and more star studded the conference will be.

Gaymercon has garnered the support of an incredible network of highly visible organizations , including dot429, due to their shared goals of supporting the gay community.

“It is no secret that the LGBT community has been in the political and social spotlight in recent years. This is no different in the gaming and geek community.” Commented Matt Conn, Director of GaymerCon “Historically, there has been very little content with LGBT themes or options in video games and other geek media. We hope to show the world that that this audience not only exist, but is flourishing.“

GaymerCon leadership is a group of tech and gaming professionals based in San Francisco, Seattle, and around the world. GaymerCon was started by a diverse team ranging from comic book artists to professional fundraisers to engineers –  all LGBT folks of every creed and color, especially for those of the geeky persuasion.