GaymerCon Receives Support from Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade and Other Industry Leaders

Industry support for Gaymercon rises.


GaymerCon, the first ever gaming and tech convention focusing on LGBTQ culture, launched a Kickstarter at midnight on Wednesday, August 2. Their initial fundraising goal was $25,000. In less than seventy two hours they surpassed that number and are now at over $50,000 and continuing to grow.

Now, as they reach for their stretch goals to meet the demand for programming and entertainment at the con, industry leaders are stepping up and voicing their support of the project.

On Thursday, August 15, Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade voiced support for GaymerCon’s goals and fundraising efforts on twitter and facebook. “Frankly, I love it, and I think you should love it too.” Said Khoo. “The point [of PAX] was to create a fun show that we thought would add value to the community – the fact that other shows emphasizing specific groups within that subculture (a sub-subculture?) to me is pretty natural and healthy. RTX, GeekGirlCon, and now Gaymercon? ALL GREAT in my opinion. The latter two in particular should hit a nerve with all geeks – we’ve all been part of the underrepresented, overbullied and not-getting-a-fair-shake crowd.”

Robert Khoo

In addition to their vocal support, Penny Arcade and other popular geek companies are chipping in to donate merchandise and services to be used as rewards for pledging donations to the GaymerCon Kickstarter. Companies and individuals contributing include Penny Arcade, Mega64, 2 Player Productions, Rooster Teeth, James Portnow of Rainmaker Games, Emerald City Comic Con, and Kris Straub.

“We are honored that one of the people who created PAX thinks our idea for a convention that is a safe space for gay gamers has merit and that he supports us.” said Benjamin Williams, Co-Founder of GaymerCon.

GaymerCon leadership is a group of tech and gaming professionals based in San Francisco, Seattle, and around the world. GaymerCon was started by a diverse team ranging from comic book artists to professional fundraisers to engineers –  all LGBT folks of every creed and color, especially for those of the geeky persuasion.

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