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10 Minutes of BioShock Infinite Gameplay

I’m excited about BioShock Infinite. How excited? Well, so excited that I wrote up an in-depth analysis of the first trailer as soon as I found it. Why? Well, to be honest, it’s from the maker of BioShock and System

New BioShock Infinite Images

Tweet I’m all excited about BioShock Infinite. I was so excited that when the reveal trailer was, uh, revealed, I wrote a detailed article in which I analyzed every shot and then realized, embarrassingly, that I didn’t really need to

BioShock Infinite Trailer: In-Depth Analysis

Tweet Today Irrational Games (formerly 2K Boston) revealed their latest project – BioShock Infinite – their first game since developing and creating 2007’s BioShock. BioShock Infinite has some similarities to BioShock, but some shockingly awesome differences as well. For instance,

2K Announces Third Bioshock 2 DLC Pack

I think I speak for everybody when I say that 2K’s Bioshock was the greatest game of 2007.  Featuring a captivating story, a truly horrific atmosphere, and very few technical flaws, it was pretty damn hard to find anything wrong

BioShock 2’s PC Widescreen Issue Getting Patched

Two weeks after BioShock 2’s release, the title’s PC version will receive an update that fixes a widescreen issue that was present in the first game in the series as well. PC Gamers began complaining almost immediately that BioShock 2’s