2K Announces Third Bioshock 2 DLC Pack

I think I speak for everybody when I say that 2K’s Bioshock was the greatest game of 2007.  Featuring a captivating story, a truly horrific atmosphere, and very few technical flaws, it was pretty damn hard to find anything wrong with the game.  But, if there had to be something that brought Bioshock down, I think most people would agree that there just wasn’t enough replay value.  2K Marin has been addressing that issue in Bioshock 2 with constant DLC releases, the third of which they have just announced.

Protector Trials drops players back in the very large boots of the Big Daddy.  This time, the goal is to protect your Little Sister from an onslaught of Splicers as she harvests ADAM from various corpses in a wave defense mode.  The single-player focused DLC pack features six new maps modeled after the some of the most popular venues from Bioshock 2, seven brand new Xbox Live Achievements/Playstation Trophies, and a host of new unlockables including video clips and concept art.

Protector Trials will be available to purchase through both the Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network beginning August 3, carrying a price tag of 400 Microsoft Points, or $4.99 on the Playstation Network.

2K has also stated that their next DLC pack will provide new insight into the world of Rapture, including challenges and tools designed to tell players more of the deep-sea dystopia’s tragic tale.  2K has done a wonderful job of keeping the single-player experience in Bioshock 2 alive and kicking thus far.  Let’s just hope they can keep us occupied until their next title hits the shelves.