New BioShock Infinite Images

I’m all excited about BioShock Infinite. I was so excited that when the reveal trailer was, uh, revealed, I wrote a detailed article in which I analyzed every shot and then realized, embarrassingly, that I didn’t really need to analyze some aspects of it because, if I had looked around, previews from PC Gamer, Kotaku, etc. had gone live with the trailer. The previews provided insight into the game’s story which I could only guess it, but nonetheless, I think my preview is worth checking out since it was pretty darn accurate.

But, beyond insane rambling, this game simply looks great. Irrational created the original BioShock and System Shock. Both are standard bearers for unique, inventive, and atmospheric games. BioShock Infinite is on track to be another inventive, bold game.

The game is set in Columbia, an American city built on zeppelins. It floats in the sky, but on July 4, 1912, something bad happened. The city, a monument to American ingenuity and a massive weapon, was torn apart by some sort of strife. The city still sits on the zeppelins and it looks beautiful. A combination of Victorian architecture and Steam Punk dominates the setting and it seems that the events that tore the city apart are recent. It isn’t a crumbling ruin like BioShock’s Rapture, and in a vast departure, it is bright, beautiful, and its inhabitants aren’t horribly mutated. Except for the city’s equivalent of Big Daddy’s.

[singlepic id=285 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=286 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The game sounds amazing, and these new shots should help satisfy other gamers who, like me, are probably itching for any glimpse at the title.

Also, if you want to know a lot about the game (or, as much as can be known right now), check out an awesome interview with Ken Levine via Joystiq below.

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