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Review – PSN Mini Vanguard

Vanguard was originally developed by Tose Co. (a Japanese company) and published by SNK in 1981. Later SNK gave the publishing rights to Century developer for the US release. Vanguard was one of the first to be a shoot ‘em

Review – PSN Mini Marvin’s Maze

Need something to take your mind off things after a stressful day? Puzzles are perfect for that. Marvin’s Maze is similar in some ways to the Pac-man franchise. This arcade style, puzzle action-game was originally released by SNK in 1983

Review – PSN Mini HAL 21

HAL 21 is now available as a Minis title on the PSN. Developed by SNK, this 1985 top down arcade shooter has finally made its way onto the PS3. But is it worth it? Get ready to lock-and-load and advance

Review – SNK’s Baseball Stars 2

Remember the good all days, at the end of a school day you and your friends, with pockets full of spare quarters, would make a stop at the local arcade for some great gaming time? Those were the days… I

Connecticut Man Shatters Fictional Frogger Record

Beats Seinfeld’s Fictional Frogger Record, Once Thought Unattainable January 4, 2010 – In a 1998 episode of Seinfeld, character George Costanza set a fictional record of 860,630 on the classic arcade game Frogger, a score previously thought to be unattainable