Review – SNK’s Baseball Stars 2

Remember the good all days, at the end of a school day you and your friends, with pockets full of spare quarters, would make a stop at the local arcade for some great gaming time? Those were the days… I sure miss them.

Well, thanks to SNK, you can relive those moments with their release in the NEOGEO Station for the PSN. Baseball Stars 2. Arcade style baseball fun. Get ready to run home with our review, after the jump .

For $8.99 and a 53 MB download size along, with recreated unique over-the-top animations, clear sound, and better controls (all controls can be laid out to your desire), this might be the game you have been looking to get away from all the other “hardcore” games out there. But is it worth the catch? Let’s find out.

Play Ball

There is no main character or unique story for this game, but there is a ton of FUN! From only 6 teams to choose from (and possibly the best names that a team could have) you can go for big and try to win all 15 games on career mode or go head to head against a friend in offline or online play. And every team has unique stats. One team is better at pitching while others are better at running to base and catching, or just simple a great team who has a bigger chance to hit a Home Run. You’ll only be using four buttons X, Square, Triangle and Circle and the left analog stick, you need that one to move the player/s.  Square will be the mostly use button is this game, for pitching, batting, and for when you have to run and throw the ball you’ll need to press square but use the left analog stick to aim for where you want the ball to be thrown at. When it’s your turn to pitch you are be able to move the player around to get a better chance for a strike. The same goes when batting you can also move the player around to get a better hit. Whatever your position in the game is you’ll have fun no matter what.

By pressing Circle a sub menu will pop up, this is a selection of “Power Play” which allows you to use a special bat (when you’re batting of course). For pitching you have the option to change to another player to pitch. Pause can be access by pressing the Select button, from there you can use the very friendly menu it’s easy to use and to understand.

Autosave is in the game, but you are better off saving your progress manually and loading it as well. Doing it manually the save and load times are and fast, so you can jump into the action in no time. The game did glitch out on me once. The glitch was that I hit the ball and once it was on the ground the ball just kept on spinning and the AI were just standing there waiting for the ball to stop. That’s where saving manually comes in handy. I was able to quit the game, and then reload it from where I last saved rather quickly.

Glitch: Gather 'round the spinning baseball

If you’re looking for a fun game with funny animations to laugh at, then this is the right game for you.  Take a break from those frustrating and unbalanced games and buy this SNK NEOGEO collection now.