Starhawk: Space Combat Trailer and Upcoming Fantastic Fest Plans

Want to get your hands on Starhawk this week? Find out how, plus check out the latest video, after the jump.

Starhawk’s latest video was cut together by the Lightbox team in San Diego, California and was captured from gameplay on the Capture the Flag Small Orbital Platform map. The trailer gives a really great taste of what the space combat is like in Starhawk!

Starhawk: Space Combat


Have you heard of the Alamo Drafthouse’s Fantastic Fest in Austin? It’s a film festival specializing in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action movies. They have an arcade portion of the festival focusing on indie games called Fantastic Arcade that is open to the public (and FREE) and it’s held at the HighBall Lounge. Lightbox Interactive is setting up a LAN party and will be giving the public a chance to play Starhawk.

So if you’re in the Austin area and interested in getting your hands on Starhawk, swing by the Highball on Thursday, September 22nd starting around 5pm. There will be a LAN party of 12 PS3 stations, each decked out with a 40” SONY Bravia EX 400 HD Monitor and of course Astro headsets. They’ll be holding a Capture the Flag tournament too and there will be prizes provided by Sony.

For all the fans that show up to the HighBall for the Starhawk LAN Party a voucher code for an exclusive multiplayer skin for Starhawk is theirs.

Keep your eyes right here and also on for the latest updates and announcements on Starhawk.

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