The Kore Gang Gets Some New Screenshots

Atari’s Wii Exclusive The Kore Gang shows off bad guys and platforming in its latest screen shots. Check them out after the jump.


The Kore Gang is an action platformer that is EXCLUSIVE to the Wii ™ that delivers an entertaining & humorous story with one of the most spaced out visual styles ever seen on the Wii.

Utilize the different abilities of 3 zany, kooky crackpots sharing a cybernetic KORE SUIT that enhances their abilities. The girl, PIXIE, is an expert climber, MADBOY lets his fists pummel the enemies, and the dog REX uses his keen senses of hearing and smell to uncover clues. They will desperately need these powers to rescue the world from the evil KRANK BROTHERS who want to take over the world.

Become the leader of this wacked-out team: 3X more demented, 3X weirder, and 3X stronger than 1 hero alone!


  • Explore a vast universe packed with action, puzzles and countless surprises
  • Over 30 levels in 6 distinct worlds
  • Dozens of different enemies with challenging boss fights
  • Innovative gameplay- exclusively designed for the Wii”
  • Hilarious off-the-wall story and characters that will intrigue and entertain
  • Highly original and imaginative art style