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Win $20,000 in the Starhawk MLG Tourney

Ready to try out your Starhawk skills for some serious cash? Find out how after the jump.

Review – Starhawk

The creators of Warhawk bring us another third person shooter. Did Dylan Jobe and Lightbox Interactive create a successful sequel, or should this title be lost in space? Read our review to find out.

Starhawk: Tips & Full Trophy List

With the May 8th release date of StarHawk closing in fast,  Chuck Lacson / Product Marketing Manager, SCEA gave us some super helpful tips on achieving some of the Trophies for the game. Check out the tips, and the full trophy list,

Starhawk Has Gone Gold and Wants to Reward Its Beta Testers

Starhawk is printing right now, and is almost ready to hit the store shelves. The developers want to thank the beta testers by giving them some special goodies. Details, plus a video message from Dylan Jobe,  after the jump.  

Starhawk Isn’t Just a Multi-Player Shooter

While its predecessor Warhawk was all about multi-player, Starhawk breaks that mold with what is shaping up to be a polished story mode to go with the multi-player. Details, plus a new video, after the jump.