Starhawk Has Gone Gold and Wants to Reward Its Beta Testers

Starhawk is printing right now, and is almost ready to hit the store shelves. The developers want to thank the beta testers by giving them some special goodies.

Details, plus a video message from Dylan Jobe,  after the jump.



Starhawk has gone gold! That means your copy of Starhawk is printing as you read this! More good news for old Warhawk players and Starhawk Beta participants – Dylan Jobe, President of Lightbox Interactive, has a special gift just for you. Check out what you’ll be getting in this video.

Starhawk™ – Gone Gold

Starhawk – Available May 8th

Pre-order at GameStop to get the Limited Edition at no extra cost! Get over $20 worth of bonus content at the regular price of $59.99!