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New Screenshot and Comic Con Video Shows off Aisha Tyler from Watch Dogs

In the Watch Dogs universe, non-playable characters bring richness and depth to the bustling city of Chicago, and today, Ubisoft is highlighting a particularly memorable citizen. As unveiled during the Watch Dogs panel at San Diego Comic-Con, actress, gamer and

Starhawk Has Gone Gold and Wants to Reward Its Beta Testers

Starhawk is printing right now, and is almost ready to hit the store shelves. The developers want to thank the beta testers by giving them some special goodies. Details, plus a video message from Dylan Jobe,  after the jump.  

Starhawk Isn’t Just a Multi-Player Shooter

While its predecessor Warhawk was all about multi-player, Starhawk breaks that mold with what is shaping up to be a polished story mode to go with the multi-player. Details, plus a new video, after the jump.

Latest Starhawk Video Shows You How to Ride, Die and Fly

Sony has just released the latest video for their upcoming game Starhawk. You just might think it’s an epic video. Check it out, plus some vehicle screenshots, after the jump.

Final Four Street Fighter X Tekken Characters Confirmed and PC Date Announced

Capcom today shared new information and assets regarding the FINAL FOUR playable characters appearing at launch in the highly-anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken game, available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America on March 6, 2012 and