MLB 11: The Show Brings Real Teamwork to the Series

The Show has always been about trying to make the video game as real as possible and is introducing co-op to the series. More details after the jump.

The Show has always tried to bring the best of baseball to the series, and this year is no exception. You will be able to play with up to four friends at a time, and can go 2vs 2 or just play 2 vs the CPU. You can decide in advance who does what. Batting, baserunning, fielding, pitching.

Bringing Teamwork

With you and a buddy working together, hit and runs take on a whole new meaning. Will you cuss out your bud if he swings and misses and leaves you hanging out to dry? Fielding is broken down into pitcher, catcher, infield, and outfield. You can rotate between you and your friend for pitching, or you can just have one guy pitching the whole time.

Little Help from my Friend

Online co-op play will also be available, but if you want two players working together from two different systems, you’ll have to play unranked games. For ranked games, the user logged into the SN will receive the career stats for the game and your buddy sitting next to you wont earn anything. The Resistance Series and LittleBigPlanet both allow for multiple PSN’s to be in use for online gaming, so here’s hoping San Diego Studios will bring that to the series.

Thanks to our friends at the PlayStation Blog for sharing this information. Don’t forget to pre-order MLB 11: The Show to get your free 30 day subscription to MLB.TV!

See you on the basepads next month!