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Bungie Announces PlayStation First Access to Destiny Beta and a Brand New Video

In celebration of the launch of the PlayStation 4, Bungie is pleased to announce that the Destiny beta will be available first on the PS4 and PS3!

Brand New Need for Speed: Rivals PlayStation 4 Video Footage

  EA and Ghost Games was nice enough to let us come play with their PS4’s and their latest build of Need for Speed: Rivals. Check out our captured footage after the jump.

Killzone: Mercenary gets some New Sceenshots Ahead of its US Launch

  Killzone: Mercenary (our review) is unleashing itself upon North America and the PS Vita tomorrow. Check out the latest screen shots after the jump.

Review – Killzone: Mercenary

The latest saga in the epic Sony exclusive Killzone series will be released in less than a week. Is it ready for deployment, or should it be sent back to basic training? Read our review to find out.

New Screenshot and Comic Con Video Shows off Aisha Tyler from Watch Dogs

In the Watch Dogs universe, non-playable characters bring richness and depth to the bustling city of Chicago, and today, Ubisoft is highlighting a particularly memorable citizen. As unveiled during the Watch Dogs panel at San Diego Comic-Con, actress, gamer and